Friday, September 09, 2011

friday's confessional: september 9

I've been thinking a lot lately about all sorts of things but mostly I've been thinking about self-positivity. see, I'm not very good at liking myself. I'm actually pretty awful at it. It seems I have an awesomely endless carpetbag full of negative self-comments and I think I need to toss it. Or maybe, like Doris Day sings, toss it in a box, tie it with a ribbon and throw it in the big blue sea...

There are many reasons why I'm thinking of all this right now but what prompted this brain blurt was Pinterest. while I adore Pinterest, I find that mostly I adore my followers and the people I follow. And while I try to venture out to find new people to follow, I find that too many outside of my bubble are mean. Rotten really. There's a lot of hatred regarding body types popping up all over the place there. Skinny ladies hating on fat girls and plump ladies negating the thin it's all a bit of a hate fest and I find it sadder than sad. Sure, there are good body pins and the like but still those stir up negative comments and words get bantered about and the hate fest begins all over again. 

But back to what prompted this though process was a board that I like that had pinned a lovely illustration of a larger than life lady all nekkid and smiley and hugging herself. The comment underneath read "Fat Positive" and I thought, why not "Self Positive"? Why not forget this whole business of fat or thin or skinny or large and just plain old like ourselves. You don't have to get all lovey dovey just yet, a simple "I Like You" would be nice.
Don't you think?

Kiddo book I Like Me by Nancy Carlson is awesome. Read it!


  1. Wow-that is so interesting. I was in the same situation as you this week about body image and seeing negativity and hatred. How sad is it that instead of bonding together and loving eachother, we become catty and want to tear eachtoher apart. It's rough enough in this world with outside influences telling us what we should be like. Love, beauty, passion and creativity come in every form.

  2. totally off topic, but go look at this:

  3. I used to struggle with body image only in that I have two sisters who endlessly it seems struggled with it and their weight. My difference is I'm in a wheelchair with a body that is never going to be perfect. Not even close it's shaped different, I'm big and really I learned that I don't care. There are always going to be people (some well meaning some just rude) who like to point out that I'm different. I've learned over the years that while I don't have a bikini model body, or even a healthy functioning body, I can love the body I'm in. No one has a right to make me feel less because of it, or neither should I get down on myself. I am who I am and I like me. I realized that even the most beautiful people on the outside get old and wrinkled with broken down bodies. The people who are beautiful on the inside stay young and beautiful forever on the inside. Isn't that what in the end truly matters? You're beautiful inside and out no matter what anyone can try to say you are or not. You know and the people that love you know.

  4. oh my friend, YOU said it and thank you! people really point out that you're different? as if it were news to you? oy! you are right though. my body is my body and it's the one i have and use every single day, some days are better than others and some are just the pits. now, it's my brain that i find needs a major make-over. that is something i really need to exercise. and how!

  5. Absolutely!! Body positive is the ultimate goal, no matter what size - in fact size should not even be an issue. But,, if you are a fat person who has heard that fat is not okay her whole life - the idea of fat being a positive is pretty rockin.

    I have a roly poly pride board and haven't seen bad comments. But, I don't enjoy seeing pics of thin women with women's comments about how they wanna look like that and all that. Not my favorite, but whatevs.