Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's not you, it's me.

Dear Dixie,

I'm afraid the honeymoon is over. I know. I'm sad  too. You are quite the looker and while I'm aware of our age difference, it never mattered to me really. I simply adored you.
I still do. Sure, you are a little cranky and temperamental and I have to use my sparky gadget to get you going. I'm okay with that. I'm even okay with only one of your burners heating up. I know you try. Your other three do light up, kinda but they just don't get all flashy and hot like little miss dandy in the front...on the right. Baby, that burner can really burn!
I adore your generous surface area. The bigger the better. It's perfect for perching a tin pot of toy rolling pins, the salt and pepper shakers and the honey-hued owl spoon-rest. I love how I can even brew a cuppa directly on your expanse. You have been most generous in that area. It's been quite swell.
Oh and Dixie, my dear? I was...am, over the moon with your storage capabilities. Two drawers. Two. Large enough for the shiny red colander and speckley-deckled enamelware pot to camp out together in with the occasional lid over for a nightcap. Sure one of your drawers had seen better days and has developed a bad case of rust and sure the was wheeze you gave everytime I pulled our drawer open was slightly alarming but hey, that simply adds to your charm. It gives you history and even dare I say...a little mystery?
But Dixie, my dearest, darling, sadly, you've been holding out on me. I know we all have baggage and skeletons in our closets but sweetie, really? Your refusal to heat up enough so that I may bake something? Baking anything would shoot me back up and over the moon and I am sure we could have many happy years together. I keep you clean and sparkling and I work very hard at lighting your fire, even when you huff and puff in anger and scare the pants off me when you flare up. Why are you so stubborn? I'm not asking you to do something against your nature. At least I sincerely hope not. I know you've had your wilder days and you are not a young oven anymore but baking is not old fashioned. Not the slightest. it's still hip, it's super hip. All the cool ovens are redoing it. Cross my heart.  Sweetie, I'm afraid that no matter how quaint and quirky and vintage you are, if I cannot whip up a batch of magic cookies, bake mister some gingerbread, roast up some awesome cauliflower or rely on a frittata for dinner; you simply have to go.  I'm over you. I am filled with kitchen sadness and am crossing my fingers you can get over yourself but Dixie, my dear, if you can't bake me a pie, I'm not sure our relationship can get past this.


  1. Oh, poor Dixie. Get well soon. You can do it.

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    don't give up yet! these guys are pretty simple to fix...those burners are probably just a little clogged and need a good cleaning, you can take them off and soak them and poke out the crap in the little holes with a pin. for the oven, there is usually a thermostat adjustment under the oven knob. put an oven thermometer in the oven and turn the oven on about 300 and let it heat up for 20 minutes. depending on how off the oven temp is to the control knob, you can adjust the little thermostat screw in 25 degree increments. if it doesn't heat up at all you may just need a new thermostat (not cheap for these antiques but still cheaper than a new stove..you may be able to get a good used thermostat at an antique stove repair shop).