Saturday, December 10, 2011

diy caffeinated christmas gift {and a giveaway!}

 Have you been enjoying our holiday projects and fun? I hope so! I actually had planned to post a DIY on an alternative stocking (that is a way to package up stocking stuffers not in a stocking, not an emo themed stocking) but that project still needs some pretty pictures so instead I will be sharing a nifty way to present a coffee card to those coffee lovers in yer life.

I recently had a Secret Santa gift exchange for job-o number one. Our limit was $10 and my person is quite fond of coffee so it made sense to go with a gift card (who doesn't enjoy a gift card?) but it needed to be dressed up a smidge. Lucky for me I have boxes and suitcases and tins full of fabric and bits so it was really easy to create this wee gift package without going over the limit. This is a great way to use up yer tiny fabric scraps (I know you have a baggie or box or tin stashed away somewhere) so plug in your iron, clear a work space and grab two pairs of scissors; one for fabric cutting and one for burlap cutting (never use your good scissors on burlap).

*paper coffee cup (w lid) from local shop
*1/3 cup whole coffee beans
*loaded gift card
*coffee sleeve (for pattern)
*two scraps of burlap 3"sq
*assorted fabric scraps
*sewing machine
*2 pairs of scissors (one good, one not so)
*tissue for wrapping
*scrap happy gift tag (optional)
*ribbon or yarn for tying

The first thing I did was hit up the local (one of many) Starbuckeroos. I do live in a town full of exceptional coffee shops but for the sake of easy access I went with a bigger name store. I picked up a gift card and coffee sleeve and instead of the box they like to give, I asked for a tall paper cup. I told the gal that I was going to add a scoop of coffee beans into the cup and nestle the green bit of happy plastic inside and she whipped out a silver scoop and gave me a dash of the sweet smelling beans at no extra charge. Whoo-hoo!  She arranged the card just so inside and then grabbed her black pen and wrote out the recipient's name and type of bean inside just like they do when you place your order. She also graciously gave me a small handle bag and oodles of tissue before she sent me off on my merry way.
The first thing I made was the coffee sleeve (that DIY will be posted in a few days) but then I broke out a small scrap of burlap and a handful of even smaller scrappy scraps and got to work on a coffee bean sachet. The burlap has an open weave so the sweetness can shine, plus it looks mighty hip and pretty all at the same time.
 Cut out two squares of burlap about 3". Wonky is fine, it is burlap after all. Do not use yer good scissors!Find some happy scraps and trim if you need to. Arrange scraps atop one of the pieces of burlap.
Beginning with the bottom scrap, stitch to burlap using your sewing machine. Keep stitching until all scraps are in place. Play with stitch length and style. Raw edges are just dandy, we're going for a rustic look here.Once pieces are stitched on. Sandwich your two burlap pieces together and stitch all the way around leaving one side open. Leave about a quarter of an inch allowance at the edge. We're gonna jazz it up a smidge in a moment.
Tuck about a tablespoon or so of coffee beans into the open end of the sachet. Bring back to machine and stitch closed. Trim all edges so they appear more even than not and then pull out excess burlap strands. The open weave makes for easy unraveling and any strands not anchored into your stitching is fair game.
Ta-da! Happy shabby fringe!
Which makes for one happy little coffee bean sachet! Your recipient can keep this in her car or on her desk for a refresher. It can also be used as a pin cushion or light paper weight. See? Multi-functional!
Never one to not go a wee bit overboard, I also make a stitched paper garland which I wrapped around the gift card and anchored with a wee clothespin.
Tuck the card, garland and sachet into the cup and pop the lid back on.
Nestle the sleeve onto the cup and you now have an original take on a gift that is difficult to fool people.
I wrapped up the whole bit of pretty in the tissue from the shop, tied it with a brown ribbon and added a scrap happy tag (DIY also to be posted soon) to finish it all off. I hope the receiver enjoys this bit of fun! I know I would!
Leave a comment here at scrumdillydilly on this post here or this post for a chance to win a dilly-made coffee bean sachet, sleeve, paper garland and gift-tag pack (gift card not included). To make it more interesting, I would love to hear/read what your favorite project from the four of us was. I know it's kinda hard to choose (at least I think so, mine not included) but I would love to know what you think. I'll announce a winner Tuesday morning. Winner will have until Monday, December 19th to contact me otherwise a new winner will be selected (I want to mail out the gift pack asap). Happy Holidays from little old me and as always, be kind!


  1. I make these coffee cozies as gifts every year and they are always a hit. I love your gifting concept and may have to borrow your ideas. Yours is definitely my favorite of the four. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I have been wanting to make one but not half as cute as this one turned out --- I would love to win any of the prizes -- thank you!!!

  3. Dawn Castro/wolfmom2ac11:16 AM

    Miss Jessica you always make the most wonderful things!! I always love to see what great things you have made. I would love to win one of your coffee gifts! I just look at the picture and can smell the coffee! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Love it! I might have to make the coffee sachet for myself. I LOVE the smell of coffee!

  5. All of these gifts look so nice! What a clever idea for a coffee bean sachet!

  6. So stinkin' cute, but then again, I love all you do. :)
    Please don't make me choose a favorite! They're all so lovely!

  7. ah! the cleverness..i love the smell of coffee why didnt i ever think you can make a sachet with is fave project would have to be the doily appeals to the knitter/crochet-er in me!

  8. Hi,

    I hope to win one of the prices!! I love the two projects; the vintage project from Tara Anderson, and yours cause it's with COFFEE *mmmm* :D.


  9. Coffee gift cards are such a great gift, but can be a little boring. This is such a great way of making the gift feel special! This was my first time visiting your blog, but I'll definitely be back for the tutorials promised! :)