Tuesday, December 06, 2011

it's only tuesday?

 already this week has been a little nutty.

i woke up at 5am. actually, the mister woke me up asking if i ran a bath yesterday. what? he leaves super early for work so that he can bike home before it gets dark and as he stumbled into the bathroom to shower he was met with a full tub of very cold water. if not for him being present it would have spooked me out to no end but it appeared to be the bathwater of the upstairs neighbor. ick! at 6am he jetted off to the depot for a plumbing snake (since we had been thinking of getting a smaller one for the whole family to have on hand) to do the job-o. after an hour the clog was unclogged and the mister bundled up to bike to work.  now i have a tub to scrub and good thoughts to send the mister's way.
did i mention how COLD it is here? not east coast cold but our wheat colored lawn has been frosted over each morning and the past two nights, we could hear the wind machines whirring to keep the citrus from freezing over at the college. so yeah, COLD and mister bikes in that cold. i got him an early Christmas present to wear for his biking mornings and he looks like a mad marauder of sorts (i think the chicken helmet keeps him from looking too suspicious). and writing of early presents i am now wearing my polka dotted Christmas robe because yesterday, we woke up with slight headaches and wondered if it was because the tiny casa has been sealed up tight to keep out the cold. we live in a 1950s apartment building with 1950s appliances. we just had the heater serviced but are now wondering if it possibly could be sending out some CO (we are not prone to headaches but they could be for any number of reasons; i'm wearing new glasses and he's been stressed out). nothing to joke about at all, we know. we realized there were no detectors in the casa so now have one up and to air out the casa have opened up a window in each room so inside is COLD as well. we're not feeling any other symptoms (headaches are gone) but will be calling in service this week. two days into this week and already i am tired (but warm, this robe is warm; but i need some slippers, the toes are cold).
yesterday i got a wee bit of blog crafting finished, four loads of laundry washed and even did a little home organization (the december bed is far from pretty. it is warm, but not picture-worthy...yet). last night was our weekly breakfast for dinner night at the homestead and today i get to do more crafting, cleaning and writing. first i have to make myself get out of the robe and into normal people clothing. all i really want to do is read...

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