Thursday, December 01, 2011


view this morning
 The wind is blowing something fierce outside. Has been since last night. There is a taller than tall duo of palm trees that clack about just above the tiny apartment building we live in. Add the carob (we think) tree and it's sadly weakened branches (it's not a healthy tree) and you get quite a symphony of clackity clacks and whooshie, blithery bits. And of course now, NOW that I am typing this, the wind is suspiciously quiet (like children when they are up to something). Makes me nervous. At least when it is still I can exit the tiny casa without fear of a palm frond induced concussion.
fronds everywhere!
I have been saturating myself with Christmas music these past few days. I'm sure our upstairs neighbor is delighted (he prefers the bass-y woof of techno, it's the soundtrack to his video game). I don;t listen too loudly, having grown up in a home on the third floor, I learned how to live consciously around others. Though at the old tiny casa, you might have disagreed but my neighbors there weren't others, they were more like family so got to witness all the bad habits, we ALL had them and shared.
dilly cup contents
I'm still finishing up shop stuff; gotta wrap and photograph my goods. Yesterday, I semi-cleared off the kitchen table to use as a workspace for threading on needlebook tags to my cups of dilly. Today, the threading on will commence, as well as more photos of gingham fat quarter packs and if I am really on it, some vintage items. Honestly though, I have brownies on the brain, along with the December Bed and ideas of enormous newspaper mistletoe, bows or log cabin squares. I also have to work on some book reviews that really, really need to get finished (but I have misplaced the cheesecloth which is yes, needed for one of the reviews) not to forget another diy project for this here bloggo and some others for the 'do. But, as always, when there is much to do I am done in by blogs or Pinterest or an imagined grocery list. Does this happen to you? Today is a day off from other jobs so I really need to buckle down. Periodically I will wag my finger at myself and say (outloud even, in a voice not unlike Superintendent Chalmers)

And then I shake my head to clear the haze, get a swig of water and run around like a mad woman doing odd chores such as sweeping the bathroom floor, laundry, folding tissue paper or reorganizing my closet, thus, ignoring the mad pile of fabric in a heap on the living room floor or the (still) unpacked boxes of craft c(r)ap that block the sunlight from filtering in through the front window.

Okay so, here's the plan and please call me on it, check up on me and wag a finger if you must. I will eat some breakfast other than the apple I finished off two hours ago. I will process my cold brewed coffee and get it into its happy glass pitcher so that I may enjoy it. I will get the tags threaded onto the cups and final photographs edited. I will bake something from a mix like scones or brownies. I will make sure to actually eat lunch (and it won't be cereal) and I will cook up the darned cauliflower that has been camping out in the fridge for too long. Tonight we will have indian food for dinner! What else? Um...I will hit up the market for some fish (there is a 1pm special on salmon I should take advantage of) and while I am out I will pick up cash (no credit card shopping allowed), put gas in the car (poor Rodney has been a bit hungry these past few days), do a store return and be home by 3pm to finish up crafty bits. Oh and I will find that cheesecloth! You got that? I'll take pictures to prove productivity.
*home by 3pm

I can manage that, right?

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