Saturday, March 31, 2018

time for a capsule wardrobe

I may lay with this vcombo. Notso certain about the top on the top but I am loving the greys with the rusts and plumb...Here we have a pair of jeans, a plaid skirt, a brown tifted skirt, gudrun sjoden dress, lucky t-shirt, universal thread top, and a Tea Shirt (heehee).

Sunday, March 11, 2018

I was early for a coffee date

So I decided to see what I could see on the street I was on. Sometimes, you just need to challenge yourself to find the magical, colorful pretties around you.
 Shadows and light on a dappled sidewalk in progress.
 Loops, texture, angles, and lines...happy yellow and fun shapes...
 In between walking the short stretch of street, I did visit the cheese shop, how coudl I not?
 Color and shapes can be found most anywhere. You just need to pause, slow down, and look.
The light was pure magic. The coffee was delicious. The company was perfect. The day was a blast!