Wednesday, November 16, 2011

rainy days and rainbows

Last Friday we had a rainy day. It began with blue skies but began to rain sometime around eleven or so. The mister and I headed north to another tiny town in search of nasal spray. I know, thrilling, right? We wandered around the town in the chilly wind and hit up a couple of thrift stores on the way back home. Purchases were made at a few and we headed home for lunch.
I lazed about looking at Pinterest while the mister worked on various projects. He headed out to shake paper bits off the bedspread when he was greeted by a happy, happy rainbow. It continued to rain off and on until the next morning but the mister and I were all cozy, cozy in our new tiny casa and our big splurge...Netflix.
Some days are full, simple, lazy and pretty all wrapped up together.

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