Monday, November 14, 2011

beware of falling {vintage} kitchen implements

You may have already surmised that we a-go-gos have a lot of stuff. Okay, okay, truthfully it is I who has accumulated the stuff. The mister is just along for the ride though, whenever I decide to purge, it seems the items I deem let-go-able, he had grown attached to. Aack! These vintage kitchen items were my mother's. They hung in her country turned Pee-Wee's Playhouse kitchen (courtesy of my brother) on a narrow wall paneled top to bottom in peg-board.

Everything on that peg board was used in some way. From baking to cooking to making dough ornaments for Christmas, our kitchen gadgetry dangled within reach for years only relocating from their spot when a new {old} gadget joined the family. Sometimes though, the gadgets fought back. We had a condo kitchen. It was tucked into the front of the condo but accessible from all around. There was a sliding door that could be closed to inhibit entry from the front hall and door but we only closed that on Halloween when we would fill the mirrored hallway with candles, my mother's doll collection and a hand-stuffed dummy or two. Otherwise, the kitchen could be circled through over and over again. It was a great place for chasing the cat, dog or each other but if you weren't too careful, you could collide with kitchen gadgets and get bit, pinched or slightly grated.
Being a person who carries her history on her sleeve, I really wanted my own swath of pegboard to display the kitchen gadgets I inherited. Wall-space and moolah not on our side, mister put together this blue board of happiness and in keeping with tradition, we have hung it up on the ledge between the kitchen and the living room, a perfectly precarious spot in a state prone to shakes, rattles and rolls. Just don't stand under in case of a seismic dance party (note that nifty chopper, blades pointed down), otherwise, you are free to roam.



  2. My mother had an aqua pegboard wall in her kitchen. It was a tiny dead end galley kitchen. The pegboard held the pots and pans. Oh, the memories. I don't think we have a single picture of our kitchen...

  3. Really cool! (and a nice way to remember your mom, too!)