Thursday, November 03, 2011

apple{s} of my eye

We've been hitting up the apple farm about every other week or so picking up around ten pounds of apples a pop. We always intend to bake a pie or make a crumble but somehow...

The apples get eaten up, bite by crispy bite as they were intended.
I have developed a fondness for a crispy, slightly tart apple with a cup of hot coffee, cream, no sugar. It seems an odd combination I am sure but I find it delightful. Perhaos if my nose worked, I would think differently but until then...
 An apple a day it is....


  1. I have this addiction to honey crisp apples and my husband brings them to me like they were roses or chocolate. Yes, I love them that much. You are so lucky to have a farm like that close by.

  2. Thank you, we love it! When we go, we sample all the new available hard to choose. Lately we have discovered we really like the Winesap apples. They are tiny and soooo good! Honey crisp are good too!