Monday, November 07, 2011

the enormous bedspread

 I love, love, LOVE this bedspread. It is wonderful and delightful and tacky and kitschier than the tiny dish soap aprons my mamos used to tie on our palmolive just to drive me batty. Oh wait, almost kitschier. Those aprons deserve a post of their own.

Back to the bedspread. It is gloriously crocheted in colors I have not really seen out and about on my thrifting and/or blogging adventures. The yellow-orange is particularly enticing as it is a favorite of mine. It also fits over the entire bed not like my black afghan that barely graces the foot when I tug it out and try to display its happy colorful glory. This afghan is a bedspread, an honest-to-goodness blanket of divine design and mr. a-go-go hates it.
The other night he declared it was time for another blanket on the bed. As I had kicked this bedspread to the floor a few days before ('s been busy and the temps have been HOT) I told him he could grab it up or eke out the blue polarfleece under the stack of linens on his dresser. He went for the polar fleece but it was so encased and flattened and loved under the stackiest stack of vintage linens (plus one metal hair clip, a wee nutcracker ornament, and an aqua colored belly-dance veil) he gave up in a huff and flounced (not really, but I like the way flounced sounded there) over to the bedspread and muttered with a harumph and a grump as he hauled it up to the bed "But it's not warm, it's just heavy and it hurts my legs."

"Yes", I replied but isn't it pretty?

I think I am most fond if it because of the loud colors and combos. It reminds me of putting together  chinese jacks. Do you remember those? I wonder what we should be calling them now? I loved that game, LOVED it. I had set upon set upon set and would pool all those little candy colored links and create the most colorful markers and pieces ever. While the rest of my fellow players kept their sets separately, I was noodling around with mixing up my metallics, pastels AND brights. While my fellow players had markers in red, white and blue or pink and purple, my pieces would be monochromatic yet flashy and fun. Though, my favorite marker, it should come as no surprise, was a combo of white, hot pink, pale pink, two kinds of yellow and orange. It was one fat little jack, it was.

Methinks I need to unbury the blue blanket...sigh.


  1. Wow!!!
    Love it!!!

  2. Wow! I love it too! Since Two Years im working on e plaid like this... Great and a lot of work!!!! (Sorry my english)