Wednesday, November 09, 2011

the november bed

Yesterday's list never made it out of the noggin. It slumped there, halfway formed but kept fading like a puddle on a hot sidewalk. There were a great many things I should have done yesterday. Instead, I baked scones (from a mix), did laundry, wiped down the bathroom, sent in the application (position was already filled, grrr), pitched two new articles (success!), put away the STACK of picture books I had out, cleaned off the table, put an enormous stack of linens away, washed the dishes, made dinner, the bed, and a garland for the bed. Oh and I also watched a movie. Phew! That was a lot but none of it was really on the list. The BIG list, at least. That is, except for making the bed.
It is getting chillier up here on the central coast and thank goodness our heater now works, though I haven't turned it on yet, I just pile on the blankets and wear a sweater. It's not that cold but it gets cooler inside than outside so if I am not warm enough, I get lazy and resort to blanket lounging.So, since it is cool, we have been keeping the two quilts on the bed and I decided to stick with the ENORMOUS bedspread and added new pillowcases and a bottom sheet for contrast.
And, because I am all about dressing it up and garlands and a need for creating, I scrounged up a handful of origami paper from a large blue suitcase I have that holds my paper stash (it appears I am low on fun paper). All squares were the same size so I stacked them up, scalloped the bottoms and stitched them together with my sewing machine. Pretty, darn happy, no?
Oh, do you like the parasols? Getting those up an arranged just about drove the mister cuckoo but he persevered and put up with my hemming and hawing and now they look super happy. It helps that they also block out the too-bright overhead light and break up the expanse of white walls and ceiling.
Happy November and happy new bed!


  1. Happy November & *happy sigh*

  2. you have to show me how to do the parasols.... i've been wanting to do that in aliza's room FOREVER.

  3. that is such a good idea for fun paper! i have a bunch of smaller pretty prints pieces, and different shapes and i thought "oh i could cut them all uniform" but NO! i think they'd look cooler all mixed up.
    i just love checking in with your blog and flickr to look at your house, it just sort of centers me; it's so sweet and homey and i can tell that if i went in there, i would be immediately zen xxxx