Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010: the year in review

okee dokee folks and friends, 2010 was a dilly of year. we packed up everything we owned and delicately balanced it all jenga-style in the mama a-go-gos garage while we left, left, left los angeles and drove through and across twenty-nine states and two canadian provences. can you say CRAZY? we've been back for four months and have not yet found our footing so here's hoping 2011 straightens us out. if you care for a shortened play-by-play flow this happy link and if you care to check out all 52 weeks in review follow this kooky link. if yer just entering the picture, you can read more about our crazy trip right here. happy 2011, let the miracles dance upon us!


  1. Anonymous3:56 AM

    Happy new year!!! With new jobs, good health and a lot of creativity - as usual! iris
    ps. have you ever thought about illustrating and writing a children's book? I love to read your gifted texts.

  2. Happy New Year - Here's to a New Decade xx love Annie x

  3. Happy 2011, silly dilly girl!
    ♥ Nikki