Wednesday, January 05, 2011

early thoughts

it's not even 6am and I am sitting here in the dark wrapped up in the warmth of the gas fireplace tip typing away as the witch-baby insists on nibbling on the plastic bag the mister uses to carry his monkey making supplies. what is it with cats and plastic bags, or in the matter of my old cat b.k., photographs?

sleep was not my friend last night. i have been super wheezy girl and there doesn't seem to be anything that it wants to make nice with. couple that with an excellent short story i read just before bed and the night was quite interesting. after spending the last two hours taking refuge with a cough drop nestled in my cheek i finally admitted defeat and decided to get my arse up. the homestead may not be my space but i am comfortable enough to wander around at night in the dark dark darkness. i wandered to the small kitchen window above the sink and gasped with the show of stars dancing in the darkness. i shuffled over to the sliding door and stood and smiled at all that twinkly goodness. how marvelous to find a dark dark sky just before sunrise so clear and full of all those visible wonders. score another one for SLO.

now that i'm awake, the wheeze thinks it is party time and the nose has decided to attend as well. every little sniff and wheeze sounds so loud in the darkness. the witch-baby has decided to be extra lovey thinking i will feed her but first she needs her large blue liver pill. usually it is the mister that pills her in the morning as he is the early riser in the family. taking her by surprise i scoop her up in all her bunny softness and flick the pretty blue pill down her throat. success! and now she is licking the bag as i sit tip typing away in the dark wrapped up in the warmth of the gas fireplace listening to harry nilsson radio (thank you pandora).

how quietly do you think i can make some hot lemonade?


  1. aside from your sinus issues it sounds kind of magical.

  2. thank you mr. innkeeper! it really is. the best part is catching the sun light up the peak behind the homestead. the color is amazing and no picture does it justice. they always look like a bad photoshop job. ;)

    happy new year!

  3. oh sweetiesweetiesweetieshnurfliesweetie!
    wheezy but magical -- that's you!
    sending you long-distance hot lemonade,
    (my word verification is 'proces' -- kinda love that...)

  4. word verification was 'proNces' actually

    sounds like under-sea royalty, or a new way of walking...