Friday, January 07, 2011

january's first friday

I didn't take a single photo today. Not one. I suppose the day was too full with busy; and it all turned out quit delightful. The photo above was however taken yesterday at sunset. It took my breath away.

I began my day with a good long phone call to my favorite lady around. As usual we  skipped from one topic to the next not unlike the pac-man ghosts bobbing all about. Wokka wokka wokka wokka. Plans have been etched out for my birthday this year, it needs to be something as I am moving up into a new decade you know. Nothing big or grand but something, something perfectly me. I have no idea what but you'll be the first to know.

The mister & I ran errands that took us outside of town and delightfully threw me into a fantastic moment where I heard the words "Hey,  I read your blog!" which proved to be even more fantastic is that this dear reader is local to the homestead so maybe I have made a new friend? What do you think Kris? I told you I would write about it. As dorky as I may sound, I have to tell you it was a highlight all wrapped up in goofy warm feelings that made me feel connected and not so alone. So yes, the freak flag is flying, high and proudly.

We stared at racks and racks of yarn, picked up a puffer and headed back home to scoop up the witch-baby and take her in for (hopefully) one last bit of blood work. Her jaundice is gone and she is mucho feisty so it appears, appears, appears that she is recovered. Phew!

The sister a-go-go made an awesome dinner that was shared with the whole family up here, all the while we told ghost stories and entertained the nephew with talks of aliens and spooky ghosts. Hey, he asked for them. With our bellies full the mister read aloud one more chapter from Treasure Island and then dazzled us with a retelling of Baba Yaga. Such a delightful day. Nothing amazing*, nothing alarming, just good old fashioned good times. May your weekend be full of the same!

*though I do like to think of it all as quite magical which after the earlier part of the week I was having is pretty amazing, yes it is.


  1. Hey there! This is the first time I've been blogged :) Yes, let's chat again...meeting you guys made a big slice of rainbow in my day. I emailed you my contact info...give me a holler, Kris

  2. love your stories.

    glad to hear a new friend was found. all the best!

  3. I also think it's pretty amazing that you all get together and share a meal and tell stories. That is something rare in today's world.

    Glad you are feeling better. And Witch Baby too!

  4. I am SO HAPPY to hear that your kitty is doing so much better. Go Witchbaby!