Saturday, January 29, 2011

lovely lovely lovely

please accept my humble thank yous for your lovely words of encouragement and support. i still feel sad and lame and quite over-the-top ridiculous. i want to thank each one of you separately and i will if i can figure out yer emails. i do have to say that Michael, you made me spit my tea out and yer right, learning how to pee standing up is quite an accomplishment.

pleasant dreams to everyone. today i managed a smile here and there. there were kittens at the hardware store (adoption day) and man oh man, there was a four month old grey named kevin i soooooo wanted to take home. i played with color,  took pictures of the garden (there are flowers everywhere!) and hung out with the nephew, encouraging him to fly with an umbrella (whilst jumping off great piles of dirt & mulch). he and the mister also made aliens out of popsicle sticks and masking tape. well, they didn't just do it, i kinda made them. and now, as i tippy type this up, i am on a chat date with this lovely gal...i may hate the phone but IM is pretty nifty. if we're FB friends, gimme a shout and if we're not, why not?

so, i'm still here, red faced and puffy eyed. my head still hurts and my heart still aches and i still feel scared to pieces but i suppose it will pass. i really, really hope it will pass.