Friday, February 23, 2007

Photobooth Friday: The Birthday Edition

photobooth friday: happy birthday to me

Yep folks, today is my birthday and boy does Mr.a-go-go know me or what? This year was too busy to make any spectacular birthday plans so we thought we would go to the booth. Rather, I thought we would go to a booth and take a picture and see if we could get any other strangers to go in with or for me...sadly I am sick. Super sick. The sick that isn't sick which has been haunting me since October has finally given in and gifted me for my birthday. Pooh. The tree trimmer are STILL outside chop chop chopping away and my throat is STILL sore though now the tenis ball has tunred into a superball. I'm not as achey and only half as whiney but I have nifty photobooth strips to make me giggle, freshly made fruit salad and a bunch o flicks I stumbled out to rent yesterday. I had wanted to bake some birthday cupcakes but I'm not feeling up to it maybe I'll stumble out to the little Armenian Market and pick up a bunch of wee cakes. One of the best birthday cakes I have ever been gifted with was a big pink box chock full o tiny cakes by Edie from my good friend Leets, book lover and events planner extraordinaire. SO many different flavors and I could share or not...I did share of course but those cakes were the most thoughtful cake gift ever! Thank you Leets! Hang in there with the new store chaos and try to get yourself a car!

Welp folks, my toes are cold and so is my tea and the sofa is calling calling calling out to me...wishing you all the most splendid unbirthday ever and keep boothing!!! If anyone ever wants to trade booth pics, drop me a line!

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  1. Happy Birthday, sweet thang!

  2. Piesces! Like my hubby!
    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Hi! Happy Birthday. Get well soon and have a great year ahead.
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  4. Happy Birthday! gargle with some salt water, eat hot and sour soup and snuggle..

  5. well fancy that...we share the same bday...though I've logged more time on the planet than you! ;)

    belated cheers.......