Monday, February 12, 2007

Countdown to Heart Day

shortbread necklace: so fashionable

I adore Valentine's Day! I have always adored Valentine's Day! I never felt all weepy weepy when heart day came around and I had no valentine. I pretty much never had a valentine when heart day came around and having one just gives me another excuse to make more goodies! With the houseguest on her way back home I have a moment to attempt to cram 14 days worth of Heart Day fun into one but what I think I am going to do is post all week so you will have to make stuff all week long for those you lurve. Today's activity is Shortbread Necklaces. Doesn't that look purdy? Shortbread Necklaces are super yummy too and so simple you will want to make them for any and all holidays. Arbor day? Check! May Day? Check! Yell Fudge at the Cobras Day? Check! See, shortbread necklaces are for all holidays and unbirthdays too. Try 'em, you'll be hooked! Oh and can see how to make them here and this is the same recipe I use for my famous Lavender Shortbread. I add a tablespoon dried lavender buds and a squeeze of fresh lemon to the dough and then I roll it in more chopped lavender and superfine sugar. I chill the logs in the fridge and slice and bake! This dough keeps wonderfully in the freezer and bakes up from frozen just fine! Trust me, these are good! Just ask Ms. Susan Stars, she'll vouch for me and so will the mastermind behind biggerKrissy, we did a swap and she asked for cookies! And yes, I will swap...

for some more Valentine's lovlies you can take a peek at my Heart Day Kaboodle Page or check out Mary Jo Matsumoto's nifty purdy lipstick bags!

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  1. I'll vouch for your shortbread any day!! It's the best ever.