Wednesday, February 21, 2007

School Daze

I know...the daze part is a total cliche but hey I AM in a daze. It was the first day of school and I woke up sick. Actually I woke up sick at 3am and stumbled into the kitchen where I ate 2 spoonfuls of applesauce, a gulp of milk and then a shot glass of emergen-c. I swear it feels like someone has shoved an oil soaked tennis ball down my throat. It is swollen and sore and gunky. I hate gunky. Sniff. I only had 1 class today but I left 3 hours early so that I could run some errands and find parking. I love that Target opens at 8AM. Love it! I picked up some tissue for my ickified nose and all the gunk and then a couple o' tubes of the Target brand Airborne and of course an orange t-shirt and um a green dress oh and a new thermometer as our old one has gone missing. I'm thinking the couch ate it. I then pitifully made my way to Wild Oats Market where I got my homeopathic remedy for the gunk and some Yogi Immunity Support Tea. I was so achey and whiney and sad I treated myself to a toasted cracked peppercorn bagel from Noah's and off to school I went.

It took me almost 30 minutes and 3 miles worth of driving around and around the damn parking structure before I found a spot which ended up being in a different lot furthest away from my class as possible. Of course I was early still so I hopped on over to take my photo I.D. but because I had previously taken one (two years ago) I had to go wait in another line which took 20 minutes to pay the $5 fee to renew the I.D.. Whoo-hoo! Go me! I finally get that done and of course the pciture is even more freakishly scary than the last one and I curled my hair and everything. Sigh. Chalk it up to the evil tennis ball vacationing in my esophagus. The reason I needed my I.D. was to retrieve my G.P.A for the CalGrant application and after a couple of more lines I am told that I don't need to get my G.P.A. from them as they will automatically send it to the CalGrant website. Fun! I trekked on over to my English class also known as Creative Nonfiction which oddly enough is in the Music building and waited about 40 minutes until my class met. I can hear opera coming out of the room across the way and me in my sad and pathetically sick state I tear up. Oh Puccini how I adore thee or maybe it is the memory of Julian Sands and Daniel Day Lewis in A Room with a View that I adore, either way I am sick and weepy and achey and bored out of my mind. Class finally starts and I am excited. We will be writing about ten thousand words by the end of class. Wowza! I can't wait. After class I have to drag my sickly loser self to the bookstore where I fork over about $150 for two textbooks and two supplemental readers. One of the texts was $70! I had better enjoy that film class.

Now I am home and in need of a bath or a cup of tea or a cupcake or some pudding. I am home and whiney and I have obsessively taken my temperature three times with my new digital thermometer and yes, I do have a slight fever. Sniff. I am home and I want to lay my cheek on the cold bathroom floor while I whimper and then maybe cry and then I will feel better. Weird maybe but that's how I feel. Okay, it's bath time...

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Hope you feel better in time for your b-day!

  2. Poor Jek! You got an amazing amount of stuff done for being so sick...hope you get better soon. I would have brought you a blankie, a hottie,a cuppa tea and a cupcake.

  3. thank you ladies! i woke up butbarely slept. i kept trying to reimagine the tennis ball as a golf ball then a superball then a marble and then a bb. I think I was somewhat successful, it feels almost golf restlessness chased artboy out to the sofa and hten I felt bad. I feel so blah! Actually worse than yesterdya maybe I am on the mend? I had crazy dreams though! :)