Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another belated Heart Day craft!

Years and years ago I ran a journaling/book group for middle school girls at the bookstore I worked at. We met once a month to discuss the book we were supposed to read and do an art/craft activity and some journaling. One Valentine's Day I came up with the idea to repurpose heart shaped chocolate boxes as stationery/craft kits. I had the darnedest time trying to find unused boxes, this was before my foray into the internet, so I begged and pleaded with all my coworkers to hunt them down, bring in old ones and even buy some candy so I could use the boxes. I needed 13 of them as I had 12 girls and me. We used the medium large size and we cut out construction and astro brite paper into hearts that would fit snugly in the box. These were the "paper" part of the stationery. We covered pencils with ribbon and added a bunch of collage elements to the inside of the box for that added flair. We used cupcake liners to house the stickers and pom-pons and overall the event was a fantabulous success. A success I completely forgot about until I saw what some wonderfully crafty blogger made for her shop. Please forgive me I cannot remember who you are! If someone can help me out give me a shout so I can add linky-links and such. So, this year, I made a collage box for a dear friend who is an atc addict and often participates in swaps hosted by ARTchix. I didn't have the time to hunt down a fresh new box so I HAD to purchase a small box of chocolates, darn, and then use that. The process was easy, the hard part was deciding on how to decorate and what to add. Space was really limited so I had to get creative. Here is what I ended up with:
If you pack the top with a heart shaped piece of bubblewrap or maybe a few other flat items, it should prevent your wee goodies from escaping the muffin cups. I added a paper lantern, mini chopsticks and a fortune from a fantastic little box set called Takeout for Two by Running Press Books. I also included a variety of stickers. These boxes are great for repurposing! You can add cookies, homemade truffles, cereal, sweets, faux food and more! Check out these links for some more heart shaped box fun:

inspie co. blog
memory boxes by p.c.e.
Martha Stewart


  1. Jek! I've been looking at your photos on Flickr forever, but had never checked out your blog, and spent all last Friday (at work, no less) reading it! Love it! You're too cute for words.

  2. thank you emily! don't get in trouble at work but if you get bored there's another blog you can read...scrumdillyumscious! have fun!

  3. Jek, your blogs are wunderful! I think the blogster you're thinking of is Inspireco