Monday, February 19, 2007

The Week in Review: February 12-18

It was an oodles nd bunches kind of week. I wrote a bunch and made oodles of everything. I baked, I sewed, I crafted & I counted. Phew! Mr. A-go-go & I were doubly busy together. We gardenned, we cleaned and we visited. We took a doggy pounced kitty to the vet. She's okay. Phew! We had some of the BESTEST ice cream ever! Seriously, if you are in L.A. you have already probably heard but the hype is true I promise you, go to SCOOPS! Thai, the owner is super nice and nifty and his ice cream is trully a delight. Forget pinkberry, SCOOPS is where it's at! I did all kinds of kooky things. I ate pineapple pepsi sorbet and I hollered out BINGO when my order was ready at In & Out. Note: People don't generally appreciate happy people when they have to wait 20 minutes for an order. But it did get me a thank you for my patience and a smile from the crew so there!

Today we visit granny, drop of junk at the thriftstore, clean, craft & maybe get a smog check on the car. This week I start school and I turn 36...yikes! Hopefully, I will be updating jek in the box. I am making new bunnies this year and these lepurs are even better than last year's. No gocco this time, we're talking embroidery people and they are BIG! I can't wait to show you! Have a happy week and don't forget tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday so make some pancakes!

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