Thursday, January 07, 2010

better late than never: the january bed

i knew i needed to use a wee bit of flannel and since i used the polka dots last month, that left me with the brown snowflakes. i also wanted to use the quilt that mr. a-go-go made because all them little bits of yellow add some cheer for possible gray days. but when i got it all put together there was just too much blue and a too much blah so i whipped up some felty flowers for a punch of color and added a wee yellow quilt to the foot and ta-da! now it's happy. happy january! how have you made YOUR bed?*yup, skully gully now has a friend though mister hasn't named it yet...we're nothing if not at odds with our decor.


  1. Your bed makes me so darn happy. If I slept in a bed like that I'd wake up smiling every morning.

  2. Not just the bed ia beautiful or the quilt, I think it is everything in the room.

    Have a nice time.


  3. ohmydawg...someone else on this planet that cares a lot...(probably too much)...about how the bed is "dressed"...

    i have been admiring your bed of the month posts for ages...and this time i said..."self...leave that woman a comment"

    your bed makes me wish that i didn't have a california king bed AND live on the east coast where i can't find a california king fitted sheet in a real store or even gawd-forbid a thrift store...
    but my pillowcase collection is hearty and thriving...

    can i just say..."you inspire me to be bold" ?

  4. thank you! thank you! thank you! can always begin with the pillowcases!

  5. Unfortunately, we are still using the December ensemble. Hoping to get to January this week...Thanks for the inspiration as always.

  6. Hi, I just discovered your blog and I must say your pics really make me happy. We both had pics featured on Explore in Flickr yesterday and that is how I stumbled on you. I also just discovered that you have absolutely the cutest book out. Awesome work. I will pop into this space often. Cheers. Raina

  7. thank you raina...such a nice way to begin my day!

  8. I'm glad I found your blog!!!

    LOVE al the colors...

    X Maureen