Friday, February 02, 2007

photobooth friday: i get a bang out of him

Methinks the husbandman has surpassed me in photoboothing. His expressions are just dandy and he always has a great story. Yes, I am superbly jealous. It's a good thing I lurve him so. We have a houseguest for the next 10 days who is just as freaky over the booth as we are. Tiemto hit the bank and get us a stash of ones. We're going boothing!

More Friday booth boothers:

Woof Nanny


  1. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Oh my he is a clever one! The props in the booth are always brilliant and I have to put on my own thinking cap to come up with something better than my cell phone. Brilliant!!

  2. that hat! you guys are the best at this game...
    yes, brilliant I agree

  3. have i told you how i adore you two and your boothiness? i do!!!
    i heart the props!!