Thursday, October 04, 2012

who needs a workout?

I went to the thrift yesterday with the sister a-go-go. Not just any thrift mind you, THE thrift. Wednesdays are their half off days and their base prices are generally happy even without the added discount. When mr. a-go-go arched his eyebrows and me going thrifting, I told him I wasn't planning on getting spend-happy but that I was looking for a few specifics...jeans, printed t-shirts and of course...a suitcase or two.

I came out with a full-sized tie-quilt in all sorts of 1970s brown and blue calico glory, a large floral printed fabric suitcase, three pair of jeans (sadly only one fit), a zillion yards of a most awesome grey and floral fabric, two vintage dresses and a dozen or so tops both for wearing and cutting. The damage to my wallet was just under thirty-smackeroos. I now wish I had picked up the vintage burnt orange office chair. But still...I am more than thrilled with the quilt, fabric and suitcase. I am now also recovering from workout arms. Which is what I get by bundling the whole shebang pver one arm at a time whilst I scroll through the racks. Seriously folks, my arms are T I R E D !!!!

Who needs a workout when you can shop AND strength-train?

Pictures coming sooooon.....


  1. Would you be able to recommend some thrift stores here in the Los Angeles area? You've always made some AMAZING finds.

  2. I got that same thrifting-arm-workout thing a few weeks ago when my favorite local church-volunteer-run thrift store had their monthly "Half Price Monday" (the 4th Monday of the month). I got 12 or 13 sweaters to make monsters with (and at least one shirt to actually wear) for $7! Their regular prices are $1 per item of adult clothing (except coats) and 50 cents for kids' on Half Price Monday it's 50 cents for adult clothes and 25 cents for kid clothes!