Sunday, October 21, 2012

an epic bust {but pretty pictures}

 Last night I went to bed early but woke up a few hours later for a bathroom break. As I crawled back in bed I suddenly felt a bump-bump-bump and then a nice rolling rumbling sensation. My first thought was earthquake and then I thought "crap...the casa is already a disaster, I hope this isn't a big one." It wasn't thought it did make me feel carsick with all that rolling and so I settled down and quickly fell back to sleep.
I had a yard sale yesterday, hence the messy casa. My vintage yard sale was a bust. Blame it on the suddenly cool weather, a crafty show and/or a bike tour..who knows? My prices were fair and I marketed it as a vintage boutique sale not a yard sale to help get the point across. People didn't argue with the prices...they just did not show up....sigh. Well, a handful did and I may have made a whopping $18 but if you subtract the cost of the rolling rack and the cost of the postcards I printed to place all over town I was in the hole $10. Oh boy!
I spent most of today photographing my vintage dresses. Mister set up a nifty staging area and so I snap, snap, snapped away. Man, taking pictures of clothes is both kinda less-than-thrilling and tiring. I still have to measure everything, edit photos, and list them on etsy. Sooo much work. For now, I'm going to sit on the sofa and be lazy-ish. Sort much as I can at least. I will edit photos and work on blog posts for the preschool, oh and I will wash dishes so I can feel like I accomplished something.
Mister has been banished* from the tiny casa so that I can get stuffity-stuff done. The tiny casa feels even more tiny what with all the stuffity-stuff all over the place. I fear it may take me a few weeks to recover. I got things to do, I need to work quickly!

*his banishment consists of working on our last minute Halloween costume idea. Wish him luck!

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  1. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Barbie, Queen of the Prom!


    I had that game when I was a kid and played it constantly! And always picked Tom for my boyfriend when I could. And the blue dress.

    Thanks for that sweet moment of nostalgia this morning, Jek. I'm sorry your sale did not go better. It looked charming.

    All the best - Kim