Thursday, October 25, 2012

spoons a la dia de los muertos

Goodness, what is it that makes painting up a wooden spoon so satisfying? Or...maybe that's just me? Once again I had grand plans for October. I always think I have more time but then suddenly, the month is almost over. What makes it more confounding is that I pull out all the projects in August. I should not be surprised, I am after all me. WIth any luck, maybe I'l get a jump on my Valentine's Day projects or at least...the 4th of July?

Back before the casa became a vortex of chaos due to the sale that was a bust, I had a tabletop where I could craft up some Fall fun. I am supposed to get that all cleaned up today but I have some work stuff, a staff meeting and a Halloween Extravaganza to attend tonight so mehtinks I will instead read a book. I am nothing if not good at avoiding responsibility and tidiness. Oh but I was waxing poetic on the clean that once was and so I painted up some wooden spoons to make ghostie puppets and such.
 With a little bit of sparkle and glue I also made up a trio of Day of the Dead pretties...all you need is a coat of paint, a date with some sharpies and a dance with some sequins and you're good to go!

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