Friday, October 19, 2012

casa de chaos

I'm having a vintage yard sale tomorrow morning and the tiny casa looks as if it could be featured on Hoarders (and I mean that from a very real perspective). In between unboxing tub after tub of forgotten vintage, I have been dabbing painted newspaper squares into glue to create a Day of the Dead calavera for my front door. There is nothing like a little arts and crafts to keep you both in perpetual procrastination AND productive. I am doing everything BUT and the casa looks it. There are clothes hanging over every surface and all sorts of vintage bits tumbling about. From paperdolls to ceramic squirrels to aprons and the like, I think this chaos just might consume me.
Keep your fingers crossed my sale is a productive one. The camera a-go-go is brokity broke and the only way I can get a new one is by selling off my loot...or, you know accepting donations...which I am totally open to. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink...I'm also painting up a newspaper storm. Papel picados will soon be in the shop. Happy Friday, folks! If you see anything that interests you, gimme a shout!

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