Thursday, October 11, 2012

summer road trip: first stop

Our first stop was at Tara's. mr. a-go-go and I camped out with her and family for a few days before we hit the road. We hit up an antique store and a thrift or two but mostly we talked...and talked...and talked...mister did not have to play Barbies with Alaina but he may have had to play Monster High, I couldn't tell ya...Tara and I were too chatty (and it is possible I did my best to convince them to move to SLO, I'm ever hopeful).
So chatty in fact that nary a photo was taken save for an antique mall adventure and a last minute click happy moment to document the wee bit of crafting we managed and a peek at Tara's lovely home. Can I tell you how much we adore Tara and her family? Having got to see them twice in six months I can almost imagine we're actually in the same town even though we are not because if we were, I'm not sure we would get anything done.

Until next time my friend, here's to good talks, good eats and good (crafty) times!

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