Monday, September 24, 2012

snails a-go-go

 I have been remiss in my thank yous for the snails that have been arriving at the tiny casa. Here is a pretty picture of what I have so far and I believe I may have misplaced one. Please let me know if I have so I know to look more. Thank you to Iris, Jessica, Kara, Alissa (and kiddos) and Ander! My little cabinet o' snails is filling up. I still have mucho room so if anyone wants to swap let me know! Oh, and to those of you who have sent me the most lovely of lovely packages? I'm working on yours, I am, I truly am! Thank you again, for the sweetest little bits of mail love I have received in a long, long, time!


  1. cute little snail collection you have going!

  2. Amazing! Cant believe, the snails travelled the ocean, the skies, mountains to get to the tiny casa made it safe and found a new home. Let me see how far this is. 27,458 Kilometer Google says. Hiiihi.
    Glad you like them!