Thursday, September 20, 2012

pretty pretty poppy pods

it's a poppy pod party!
like a sunny sunny hat
lookie the little windows for the seeds to jump out of
all them seeds from this single pod
Now say that three times fast! Oh how I adore poppies! The sister a-go-go planted many a Shirley Poppy and I think I took perhaps a few too many photos of them while they were in bloom. How could I not? There were bees and you know how I love bees don't you? These poppies are gorgeous in bloom and just as gorgeous after. The seed pods make me swoon just as much as the petals. Lookie all those seeds! Each little pod there is a little house FULL of teeny tiny seeds. I need to find a place to plant these for next year...perhaps a little guerrilla gardening is in my future?


  1. I was just thinking of planting poppies at my house for the spring!
    Synchronicity, much?

  2. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I love poppies! So bright and cheerful. I once planted some in a rental house we were in and the next year there were orange poppies in several neighbors' yards. The year after that they were sprinkled all over the block. *oops* I still feel a little bit of guilt whenever I see a feral orange poppy.