Saturday, September 22, 2012


 The sister a-go-go used to dabble in photography and has quite a few nifty cameras floating about. This
lovelier than lovely bit of professional goodness spent some time hanging out with me in the new tiny casa for a few weeks, and boy, did we have a whirlwind romance.
mr. a-go-go managed to load a roll of film into its fancy-pants compartment and in less than twenty minutes I managed to shoot the whole roll, all the while crossing my fingers the presets I selected will work well enough. Someday I will send that roll (and far too many others) in for development.
 The viewfinder on the Mamiya is breathtaking, seriously breath taking. It's like viewing life through a viewmaster reel. The mister had some fancy-pants scientific wording for the effect but I preferred to believe it had magical powers and managed to carry it about the tiny casa capturing all sorts of everyday goodness through the viewfinder.
 I limited my picture taking happy to the tiny casa as this baby weighs just shy of five pounds and it needed a tripod for smooth shooting.
 I did not build a tube for this, I simply positioned my Rebel over the viewfinder and snapped away. While my photos did not capture that viewmaster magic, they still have a quality that has me swooning. The camera is back with the sister a-go-go as she is selling it (lemme know if yer interested). We looked into getting a digital back for it but seeing that the back costs more than Dr. Eleanor Teeth we thought better of it.
It was such a lovely little makes me want to upgrade my Rebel. Someday...

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