Monday, September 10, 2012

i try, i really do

 but somehow i can't seem to keep the kitchen table clear...This shot is from early July, it looks like I baked scones that day or the day before and who knows why the foil is out...the sunflower greens got eaten in bits and then they died because I forgot to replant them and they got all root bound. That's my water bottle there. it usually sits in the car with me and my wallet is next to it and I must have needed my inhaler or library card, otherwise it would have been zipped closed. That box on the floor there on the left is from the Zoku ice pop maker and it seems as if there is always a collection of empty egg cartons camping out on the table. The book is called Make the Bread, Buy the Butter and it is a keeper. I checked mine out from the library but am now looking for a new or used copy of my own. Oh and that loaf of french bread under the camera tray there? That loaf got super hard and stale and so I made french toast out of it. French toast that was supposed to go into the freezer for quick breakfasts but became dinner and then snack and then breakfast the next day, mr. a-go-go likes to snack on the frozen slices. Ick. Hope you enjoyed a peak at the usual chaos that is around the tiny casa. I showed you mine now how about you showing me yours?


  1. reflections of a full and crafty life. I love it.

  2. LOL I believe those are referred to a "hot spots" and I have a good amount of them. Dinner table, office desk, every flatish surface in my bedroom...

    1. yup! every single free surface becomes a hot spot. the tiny casa is a virtual ring of fire! ;)