Sunday, September 30, 2012

on cookies, colds and the great big suckity-suck

 I'm sitting on my sofa nursing a cold and a belly full of peanut butter cookies (why am I always so hungry when I'm sick with a cold?). I'm wrapped up in a thrifted Holly Hobbie quilt with one eye on the book in front of me (the top book on my too tall library stack) the other on an episode of Bones from season three. There are smarties wrappers scattered around the floor and laptop desk, mingling with the tissues I've been taking advantage of and there are rings upon rings of condensation circling all of the above from the many, many jars of ginger ale I have been downing ( good).

I head into the bathroom to wash the paint off my hands because in a fit of needing productivity, I toss a sheet of wax paper atop the sewing table and get to painting stones for a project. I wash my hands, dry them, then reach for the lotion and get a glance of myself in the mirror and snort with laughter. Atop my shorn hair I have wily-nily placed metal clampy-clips in an attempt to fake a finger-wave as my short, short hair is now in that stage where there is the possibility of poufiness. I completely forgot I had the clips in my hair (which didn't work, by the way) and am grateful I am in pajamas and my favorite shirt sans brassiere because if the bra had been on, I would have been out in the carport shuffling through the storage boxes looking for things to make Hallloween things with. I blame the cold.

So I sit here and curse those peanut butter cookies as I type away and think if only for a moment that this one thing, being able to wallow in the frivolousness of a cold is a small simple perk of infertility. The no kids thing suckity sucks in a way that makes me so tired most times that a girl has to grab the brass ring when she can. Being sick is a big time ick but being able to camp out on the sofa with a pile of books? Not too shabby.


  1. I found you! I used to blog as RebelBlossom, and loved to follow you and your adventures...I have re-started a new blog and have been trying all week to remember your blog name :) Got it! So happy! Off to catch up! Hope you are well xo

    1. yay and howdy! and now i am beginning another cold. seems my body wishes to perfect the whole dealio. harumph! happy november!

  2. Oh and sorry to hear you are under the weather...get well really soon!

  3. Feel better!
    I started a painting this weekend, inspired by something you said. When it's done, you'll be the first to see it!