Thursday, February 16, 2012

on the oddness

of returning back to normal...

My brother is home in his tiny casa surrounded by homemade guitars, fishing decoys and other odds and ends. His fluffy-spotty cat is chirping up a storm and things are kinda-sorta back to normal. He cannot walk very well or use his hands (he was in restraints for eleven days) and his brain still has some residual fuzz but every hour he is a bit more clear in the noggin and steady on his feet. Food doesn't sit well with him and he is starving, sleep doesn't come easily and he is exhausted and so we banter and watch old movies on television and talk of guitars and childhood stories and attempt to drink coffee or tea and see how it sits. I've been trying to untangle his hair, it is long. Longer than it has ever been and matted as if the elves came in a did macrame through his tresses. He says it doesn't bother him but it would give me something to do other than scold when he gets up too quickly without our assistance or the walker.

So, what now? My brother got sick and gave us all a scare and suddenly now he is well and home and what next? My brain is fuzzy and I am slow at figuring out how to get back to normal. I do miss my tiny casa and the sites and sounds of home but I'm far too fuzzified to figure out the next step other than to take it moment by moment and maybe for now, a nap.


  1. enjoy the time with your brother, however strange the circumstances. normal will find its way to you soon enough.
    (& don't forget to take care of yourself, so you can help take care of him.) <3

  2. Anonymous2:53 AM

    sonsending love. so glad for your family.

  3. If you can find a detangler comb (like this one ) And maybe some kids spray on conditioner (the Sauve stuff works great) you will have a much easier time with the tangles. My hair loves to dred itself and between the detangler comb and the spray with a bit of time you can get out just about any tangle.
    I'm so glad your brother is recovering and home! Good luck with this transition.

  4. So so glad that the news continues to be good! I was almost scared to read new posts for a few days.

    Our prayers and love are with you and your bro.