Tuesday, February 07, 2012

oh the ick of the sick

 I spent three hours in urgent care yesterday, mostly sitting around waiting. The cough that had been occupying my body turned vicious and it was decided I needed antibiotics and a round of steroids. I appreciate that while I do not have insurance, I was able to pay for a consult and after, meds. I did not exactly appreciate the lecture I got for having chronic asthma and no primary care practitioner. I felt too poorly to snark back and for that I feel even worse. It's a twisty bunch of knots this whole uninsured thang I have to live with. Mister and I applied for numerous packs and both of us were rejected for various reasons, the most annoying being the very things that would be greatly benefited from having  insurance...you know, things like breathing. Ahem. That said though, we live in a place where for a great price you can get some sort of help or relief. Ick, yes but fortunate.
At 3am, I was oh-so-very rudely awoken by the hackiest of hacks, I jest now but it hurt, quite badly and I was scared and utterly freaked out. It took me four hours before I could rest again. The mister was a trooper, he too was super freaked out but ya gotta love a guy who gets you into a hot shower and washed the dirty dishes while he brews hot tea for you.
 Enough of all the ickity ick...I got a little crafty last week...here's a peek...


  1. hang in there, sweetie-pie. we need you sucking up oxygen in our world, please!

  2. Hope you'll get well real soon, and your new project looks very cute. I can't wait to see the rest of it.

  3. .....that's scary and thankfully something we don't have to face in the UK where it's all free. Hope you feel much better soon.

  4. I'm so sorry your breather is not breathin' so well!

    (On another note: That tea bag garland is oh-so-cute!)