Monday, February 06, 2012

the lost weekend

 I have no idea what I did this past weekend. Some of it, sure but the rest? No idea. Friday was lost, my allergies stole the hours away. They also took off with a few hours from Sunday, not as many but a few. Thankless beasties. Hour stealing and wheeze leavin' beasties. Oy.
I pitter pattered about at some level. I stitched a little, napped a smidge, thrifted an even smaller smidge, spent oodles of time with family, thoroughly enjoyed watching (and maybe singing along to) Grease 2, and I made cheese and bread. I made cheese and bread..this bread and this cheese. It is crazy how easy they both were. The bread was gobbled up pretty quickly, the cheese will be gobbled up for dinner will be paired up with this soup that I hope to make tomorrow (thank you 101 Cookbooks, Honest Fare, and The Kitchn). I did not clean or return phone calls. I need to clean and return phone calls. I was out too much and then out of it for the rest of the time. Bad beastie allergies.
 This week will be full of the usual suspects. There will be baking, cooking, work, crafting and attempts at cleaning. There will also probably be too much netflix watching and if I am lucky any naps taken will because I want to nap not because I can't keep my eyes open. Happy Monday everyone, make it a good one!

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