Thursday, February 23, 2012

41 things

It's my birthday, whoo-hoo! I am now officially in my forties. Yeesh! My mamos dreaded 41. I have vague eleven-year-old memories of her telling me she would always be 39 and me not understanding it at all. I remember making her a birthday card book where I expounded on her 41-ness. I even wrote out a lot of (incorrect) arithmetic. There was Ms. Pac-Man eating 41 dots and 41 candles on her picture cake. I told her when I bought a car, my license place would read PAW41, etc, etc. I was an awful, awful daughter and now I am the one who is 41. I'm not freaked out about it, I just find it baffling I made it this far. I'm also doing that awful thing where you look back at your accomplishments and cringe at the lack of...oh the life I didn't lead...ya can't look back though, what's the point, right? So today, here is a list of 41 things I want. Some are realistic, some I will purchase for my self and some are off the charts ridiculous and silly...

*a magical makeover of sorts, new hair, new face (less chins) and new frames like these.
*these blocks
*a wee video camera
*an instax mini (plus film)
*petticoats, lots of petticoats
*this garlic house
*a cake tin like this
*a road trip to somewhere, anywhere really
*a morning wander to photograph L.A. or Santa Cruz, or...
*happy plates
*a bench kinda like this
*a jasmine plant
*a tea plant
*a garden of my own
*really good indian food
* an awesome apple pie
*a pound of amazing coffee
*a vintage pin the tail on the donkey game
*to see the Northern Lights
*a new alarm clock
*paper straws
*happy washi tape
*too many new picture books to count
*Pippi to see and to read
*a weekend in a yurt
*a photobooth jaunt
*a skirt like this one
*game night at my place
*oodles of happy postage stamps
*new laptop
*a cherry limeade
*go on a picnic in wildflowers and have a croquet match (too much?)


  1. Many Happy Returns of the Day, girlie! I hope some wish list items find their way to you, and that have another year of love and beauty!

  2. Happy Birthday! I'll be turning 40 this year and it feels very strange. Guess I'll get used to

    1. happy almost 40! i have to say it is still startling to be in my 40s. not a bad thing, just amusing.

  3. Happy birthday..... Why have I not seen those fabulous smock dresses before ...I'm in love! (I have a list of 60 things this year!)

    1. yay for lists! smock dresses are going to be my "thing" once i work u pa collection. happy 60 things!

  4. Happy 41st birthday Jessica!

  5. Happy 41, Jek! Keep on rockin'!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    I know where you can road trip to spend a night in a yurt. Thus, two birds and one stone!

    Hope that 41 treats you well!

    1. ooh, where oh where? and thank you!

  7. Happy Birthday! Im used to it now, its 43 for me this year. Oddly I seem to feel like I look better, in all reality I cant, but I think its the nicer clothes I own in abundance these days*L*

    1. happy 43! here's to feeling fabulous!

  8. happy happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! so glad you're in this world, friend. you make it a happier place. and I love this list. a thousand times over, I love it.


    1. ah doll, thank YOU! happy unbirthday!

  9. I wish I could get the recipe. Been wanting some cake so often that I need to really learn to bake them. I like that frosting, if I can make it out of chocolate.

    1. a recipe for the cake? hee-hee! i used a box mix. ;)