Friday, April 29, 2011

Dizzy with Distraction

Somehow I have managed to become inundated with due dates. I have articles and guest posts and shop updates all due, due, due and what do I do? I get distracted by the birdies in the garden (of which there are many).
Not only am I enamored with the love story of Gomez and Peg, there is a wee bushtit hop, hop, popping all over the place with his happy gray feathers and ultra cool top-knot and more than a dozen gold finches peep-peeping their way through sock after sock filled to the brim with happy seeds.
We also have an acorn woodpecker who has taken to thieving large seeds from Peg's Place. He hollers and whoops as he swoops upon the linnets who scatter this way and that and then he dashes into the birdhouse (feeder) only pausing to tilt his head my way with a cross-eyed stare. Then he quickly grabs a beak-full of goodness, swoops back up to his perch on the telephone pole where he swirls around the pole stuffing his thieved booty into the holes he previously pecked. Distracted, I tell ya!
Distracting me even more are the books. THE BOOKS! Thank goodness for libraries. I serendipitously received two holds I have been (only-semi) anxiously waiting for since March and now, NOW they are in my hot chubby hands and it is all I can do not to forgo sleep (and I really like sleep) to read, read, read them.

And before you think me even dorkier than before I will not mention the lateness of my next Netflix DVD which involves a certain Doctor. Ahem.

Happy weekend everyone!**
 **pics are just some peeks into the week. some craftiness, gomez, dinner & a wip.

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  1. Love the Peg story and glad she's still around :) Thanks for the link to the awesome bird site. I am going to share that with my students.