Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Too Many Words

 So much so that the noggin has went on vacation and um, my internal server has shut down. Not that anything bad has happened, it hasn't. nor has anything good...it's just the same old, same old. Some good moments, some meh moments. You know....life.

I have been in the bad habit of awaking suddenly with a thought that becomes a post or composition of sorts as it tumbles about in my head. I mentally tap out the story, crossing out lines, editing, erasing and adding exclamation points until I am lulled back to slumber. When I awaken, there is a sweet aftertaste of thought and I will myself to get up and write it all down, to hit publish and free the mind but instead I get distracted with other things and now I have nothing to offer. Well, nothing brilliant. Here's what I do have, however...

*dirt under my fingernails and sunflowers in the garden
*homemade quinoa salad in the fridge. pink salad at that.
*a bag of coco-roos in the pantry 
*the twitterings of the finches outside the window
*a mug of hot tea
*a new playlist on pandora
*a list of things to do that is far too long
*butter getting soft on the counter
*a stack of magazines to read
*a pot of happy black flowers

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