Saturday, May 07, 2011

Peg & Gomez: a lurve story

So, when the mister & I returned from our trip and landed with family we soon discovered another new addition to the a-go-go homestead. She was a one-footed Brewer's Blackbird we called Peg. She would hobble about under the swinging bench in the backyard garden calling a out a sharp chip! chip! to any other feathered friend that thought they would enjoy the bench as well. 

We noticed that she liked hanging around and we liked her hanging around. We could hear her call from inside the homestead and she could usually be spotted under her bench or in the birdhouse feeder. For weeks we came to depend on seeing her hobbling about and one day she wasn't there. We wondered if she had traveled on or if something awful had happened. We missed her, our Peg.
Then one day a viola sprouted where Peg would hunker down. The green leaves to greener and soon a single bud bloomed. It was a white and purple viola, larger than all the jump-ups in the garden and of a completely different color. We dubbed it Peg's Garden and hoped we would see her again.

See her again, we did though it was sporadic and without rhyme or reason but anytime we heard the familiar chip! chip! one of us would look out the window and see if we could spot her. There were times when she would be gone for a month or more and there were times when the wind blew so cold or the rain would never end and we worried and wondered.
That Peg is a sharp birdie-o. She takes care of herself. most recently she has returned to the Homestead a-go-go and this time she has brought a friend. A boyfriend at that! I've mentioned him and her, she and him before and am happy to say that they're still hunkering down in the garden and Peg's Garden has grownity-grown-grown-grown as well!

Gomez can be seen swooping and battling it out with the enormous crows (or smaller-than-average Ravens) that lurk about in the neighborhood trees and Peg can be heard chip-chipping at him. I think she has become quite bossy and we all wonder if there is a nest nearby. We hope so!
For the most part, the both of them tolerate us pretty well. Peg leans toward hogging the birdseed that the mama a-go-go fills the birdhouse with and Gomez puffs himself up in a big ball of threat if I get too close. They may nto drop by everyday but they're here at least once a week. I think Peg knows a good thing when she sees it and the sister a-go-go's garden here is a pretty good deal.
So there you have it, a little love story about a one-footed bird we call Peg and her purple-black prince, Gomez. And yes, I am that old-ladyish. I love watching them birdies, I really do!

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