Saturday, April 16, 2011

today: april 16

started out wonky and on uneven footing for everyone around. Got straightened and slip, slippy a few more times. It was an up and down kind of day. A day for a swing run like Lita and I used to do when the going got tough. It wasn't all bad, goodness, no but it is remarkable how tricky words and lack of words can make for crankiness and misunderstandings.

Today we looked at apartments and felt dismal dismay. The pickings are slim but we look, looked anyway. We allowed ourselves to feel utterly defeated, down-in-the-dumps and dismayed. But we shrugged it all off and felt grateful for family.

Today we piled too many into the car for a quick trip back up to the college. There was soft serve for the family a-go-go (I held out for a Coke with dinner) and a walk about the local college as we chatted up students in various booths about bees, cotton mills, sustainability and newborn foals. We hiked up and up and up a hill in the warm sun that seemed to turn hot as the hill got steeper. We passed by ewes and lambs mowing a weed patch and witnessed the breeding process for horses. It was far more interesting than I imagined and marveled at the young women in training who prepared the stallion and the mare. We decided after seeing how the majority of the students in the breeding program were women that you tall young men who like ladies would probably do very well in the program. Mister even said he should have went for horse breeding.

Today we drove up and down a windy road eye-spying critters such as turkeys, bunnies, cows, deer, blue birds, nuthatches and magpies. We walked up another steepity steep hill covered in dappled sunlight examining grass, flowers and dead trees. We listened to birdies sing-singing their songs and watched lizards duke it out for a sunny spot on a hot rock.

Today was a full day. It had uppity up and downwardy downs. We laughed, we argued and we enjoyed the company of family. We adventured out together, walking this way and that and we ended it with dinner (In N Out), a grocery run (we eat far too many apples) and a peek through the mister's telescope where we saw Saturn all rings a-glowing and a wee moon saying goodnight.

Today was exhausting.

Today was a good day.

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  1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Dear Jek: I'm never too sure if I should leave a comment. But, I do read your blog everyday and I love your flickr pictures. You provide me with my daily color fix, in fabric or your adventures. I enjoy your entries so much and just wanted to say HI! and thank you for your wonderful honesty about life. We have our struggles and I am glad to hear your honesty and reflection of living this life we are given.
    If I may, I am looking forward to your finding a home of your own just so I can enjoy the photos of rich colors and patterns you use to fill your home with.
    Grateful for your blog. Susan