Friday, April 15, 2011

i think i need a push start

like an old, tired car i need a push. i can get going once that happens. i hope. the wind is kicking up something fierce here which makes for perfect allergy transference. darn wind. I cough, i hack, i wheeze and then i wheeze some more and i get so, so, so tired. i'm awake, and have been but i'm not AWAKE.

and it is going to be a purty day. the mister is home, the birdies are out, i got myself into a dress and am not hating it but the feet are dragging, the eyes are sleepy, the head is stuffy and the ears (or, ear. my right ear specifically) are throbbing. aren't i fun to be around? it would be lovely to take a bike ride but for the wind and the pollen. i'm really NOT a fan of the pollen. in fact, i am downright fearful of the pollen. once it gets in, there is no escape.
so what do i do? i have MUCH to do for something up-and-coming-and-super-top-secret right now. i suppose i should get to that or should i attach myself to the inhaler and curl up with a reread so i can be ready for this book when my turn in the library queue pops up or should i declare today a lazy day and curl up with a smoothie, the inhaler and watch this?
i think i will get to at least one of things from my up-and-coming-super-top-secret project and then check in with the mister to see what he wants to do. our original plan was to adventure out before the sun for a two hour drive but the temps where we were planning to head to were a bit too chilly for us (southern california natives). we do need to look for a place to live, there is that. i hate looking at rentals. ick. this is such a disorganized post. double ick. i keeping yawning. sigh. at least i was productive yesterday working on things for my up-and-coming-super-top-secret project.
okay, i have decided. i will work on one thing for my uacssp, call a listing or two, have lunch with the mister and make plans for a sunset adventure. tomorrow we will tackle a bike-ride as long as the mister's bike is working. he's working on it right now. and we will venture out into the little town for open house festivities of rodeos, livestock and free ice cream. there. it is done. phew!

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