Monday, March 29, 2010

the week in review: mar 22-28

i didn't pack or clean or organize but i did...

*bake cupcakes
*help out at a bake sale
*watch this movie
*spend the day with the bea and these favorite people
*pick flowers from the garden
*add a few things to the shop
*finish a project for craft zine
*lunch with this lady
*play with my new camera
*visit these cherry trees
*eat banh mi for lunch
*and finally, we took a mini road trip out past cabazon, through palm springs to bombay beach and then on to salvation mountain. it was a great week folks! fantastic! read more about it here.

*for some reasone, blogger isn't uploading pics so you get this little one for now...


  1. Blogger is giving me problems today too. :/

  2. I love your photo collages, they are the reason I started following your blog! You live such a colorful life--inspires me to make more collages (I love making them too!) Thanks for sharing every week!!