Sunday, March 14, 2010

the drive up

we have family up the coast about three hours away. we spend at least one weekend a month visiting and noodling around. you would think that the drive would become boring after seven years but really, it surprises me every time the wheels start rolling. usually, we're up before the sun and hit pacific coast highway just as the sun opens her bright and shiny eyes. man, it always surprises me just how pretty our world can be. with the trip just around the corner, things are getting serious in the tiny casa. spreadsheets are being created, boxes are being collected, plans are being made and panic is settling in. mr. a-go-go is taking care of so much and me? well, i'm waiting till the last minute because that seems to be how i roll (shhhh...don't tell mr. a-go-go).we loaded up the car with important documents, empty wine barrels for planting and planter upon planter of strawberries and three kinds of mint. this is really happening...we're gonna be moving soon! just don't ask us where...we have no idea.upon our arrival up at a-go-go headquarters, we hung put with the boy a-go-go and then lunched on pancakes and burgers. after a short stint of moving stuff around the sister a-go-go's garden, we let pop-a-go-go head home to take care of business while we loaded up the boy and ourselves into the car to look at storage sheds and seek out wildflowers.them sheds are crazy expensive and there were no flowers to be seen so after a quick stop at our bridge we headed home for a classic spaghetti dinner and some pythagoras switch. i also introduced the boy-ago-go to weird al and i think i may have created a monster.

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  1. since i am a recent follower of your blog, what is this 'trip' you speak about? your moving? it seems like you do this often? just curious... i'm a little lost. but maybe i should be!