Monday, March 22, 2010

dreams run amuck

i've always been a dreamer. both in sleeptime adventures and the sort of lackadaisical mayhem that got me trouble in school on a regular basis. i'd say it is a rare occasion when i awake in the morning without memories of my sleeptime adventures. the mister is stupefied by it all. he generally doesn't remember his dreams. last night's dream were hijacked by an invisible remote control as if some other floaty invisible being had control of clicker and wasn't really interested in my quirky psyche.

when i was comfortable and dreaming of an eighties version of myself making a patchwork quilt of candy wrappers while listening to Thomspon Twins i was shoved out of the picture to watch some sort of detective show with guns and chaos and Motorhead.** then i was back in my old room finding that the tiny closet in my chifforobe was a never ending tunnel of vintage. i blissfully started pulling out dress after vintage dress while Poi Dog Pondering whistled in the background only to be abruptly shoved aside for more dark and gloomy shooting but this time it was some sort of rube goldberg machine in a staircase that managed to domino kill at least three "bad guys". all dream night long i was in happy land one moment with pop music, a thinner me and color floating about when suddenly, the next was full of dark and angry men and metal music. couple that with my only slightly asleep state due to the mister having to work in the morning and him telling me of my blanket thieving skills and i can say i'm a bit groggy today. but then again, that could be because it is monday and mondays generally are freebie days where i attempt to wrap my head around the going ons for the week. this week is taking care of doctor visits, a couple of visits with friends, tying up loose crafty ends and packing, packing, packing. phew! already, i am tired!

**i never listened to Thompson Twins in my youth, i listened to far dorkier bands. i have however had stuck in my head an ominous open to an eighties song. it had been stuck there in the noggin for weeks now and all i could sing or remember or share was "oohooh oohooh ow ooh ooh ooh ow".. it was maddening! and all because of mister telling me of the wee a-boy's translation of poopoo head...poopoo-od...he was after all, three at the time. and suddenly i heard this voice singing the ooh-ow thing and i couldn't remember any other part but after too many wasted moments on itunes and then youtube, i found! eureka i found it!

and, as for motorhead...while i did my fair share of listening to metallica, black sabbath and yngwie malmsteem, i did not exactly listen to motorhead which is only slightly odd as i did listen to d.i., agent orange and other loudish punk bands...anyway, motorhead sticks in the noggin because of the young ones (i LOVE the them!) and because my brother and i once spent an evening back in the late eighties making a very inappropriate music mix using kiss the girl as the base and i do believe there was some motorhead in that, along with the dead kennedys and schoolly d. oh, those were the days!


  1. man i'm with your mister on this one. my oldest daughter,who we think is somewhat of a genius has these vivid incredible dreams. you are only the second person i have ever talked to with this kind of ability, and then to be able to recall and tell it back like a story.i feel so dreamland inferior!like i said you are an author!

  2. aw my friend, thank you! my mother was a dreamer as well...perhaps i inherited it from her?