Friday, March 19, 2010

today in my head...

i have not yet made friends with this new lighter brighter sunshine we're having. the time change here always throws me off-kilter. the mornings seems darker as if the moon just cannot help but linger a little longer and my sleep gets deeper, pulled under the covers by dreams of goats in minnie pearl hats, enormous corsages & missed proms and twisty windy roads that play music as you drive upon them.

i find myself sleeping in and then i wake up feeling guilty for the time i wasted dreaming. there is much to be done and for those of you who didn't know, yes, we are moving, moving, moving away from this big lovely city full of the best eats anywhere, empty morning beaches and mountains so high you need a coat for summer meanderings.

not only are we pushing off into the great US of A for a mad frolic with our country but we are packing up the tiny casa for an unknown tomorrow. we will cull and give and barter and sell a great portion of my mad collecting and acquisitions. the rest will be boxed up and stored until we return from our road trip. then....we have no idea really.

we know this trip seems nutty and crazy especially when we have roots here and the mister has a job, but we feel it is time to be crazy what with all the sorrow we have had these past few years. we have lost loved ones and little pieces of ourselves along the way as we two a-go-gos found that we cannot create our own wee one. so yes, an adventure is in store. a mid-life creative crisis is in the works and hopefully we will land with clear heads, brighter smiles and a readiness for the future.

so i hope to shake hands with these brighter sunnier days. i hope to embrace them and hug them and make friends as i will need all the company i can get as i stare at this very full and cluttered casa that needs to somehow fit into its new box home. it is almost more than i can focus on.

and i think, maybe for this week, i need the extra sleep, the extra time to dream, the remaining bits of a life in a tiny space full of fun and fine memories, chirping birdies in the garden, and sundress weather in march. for now i like this lazy sense of living even while all that needs to be done is lined up in front of me like a group of children waiting to be picked for the team. pick me! pick me! ooh ooh, pick me! picking is the hardest part, because always, someone is last...


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM

    you a go-gos are amazing people. i look forward to hearing about your amazing adventures!


  2. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I cannot imagine how you are going to pack up all that you have in that tiny house and then put it away and leave it behind. You seem to love your stuff so much.

  3. I think the trip might be the best idea ever. I hope it's the ride of your life. I hope you connect deeply with each other and laugh a lot. The world is your oyster!

  4. I know I don't comment a lot, but I am always excited to see a new blog post from you! Do you think you'll make it as far as Western New York on your trip? (specifically Rochester or Buffalo?) I think it would be interesting and fun to have a chance to actually meet you! (of course, I'm sure all your blog followers feel the's like meeting a celebrity...only more real)

    And,on a different note, I understand how it feels to find out that you can't make your own "wee ones". My husband and I found out we can't have children in these past couple years too. But it is encouraging to see how you still take joy in the kidlets that are around you. Sending good thoughts, prayers and big virtual hugs your way. :)

  5. Anonymous9:20 PM

    I'm so excited to follow your wonderful adventure across the U.S. I'm excited for you!!!! I love your blog(s) - and can't imagine the kind of wonderful adventures you two will have.

    I love your photos - what kind of camera do you use?

  6. Best trip Mr. Pickle and I ever took was a mad no-exact-destination road trip. You deserve the adventure! As long as you still have access to the blogiverse....

  7. Take what you love, the practical stuff can be found. I moved a long way two years ago and miss so much of my 'stuff'. I love things as you do so I'm feeling for you and sending joy. But there is also joy in the new.

  8. What a great post, Jek!! I so hope I get to meet you.

  9. ok... one thing i know is that you just must write a book! i love reading your posts. you write so darling.
    secondly... if you are any thing like me,when something is pressing i seem to wait and wait and wait,until i just have no more excuses. best work under pressure!
    and it always works out. just have all the boxes, paper and tape ready for when the mood strikes.
    you are gonna be fine!