Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the list that did not happen

not really...

*i did NOT make a craft box but i DID make a mess.

*there is an envelope with a stamp and a giveaway in it, but i still have to post about it.

*mister mailed the bunnies for me. my allergies had me huddled on the sofa.

*oh but i did. i stressed out in a BIG way, as did the mister and he still is...stressing out that is.

*no planning was done, but i did go to the market and i did make dinner so i suppose that is something.

i'm done with lists for the week, making lists is stressing me out and i'm tired of sweeping and staring at the HUGE mess that is the tiny casa. where do i begin? aack! tomorrow you get to see the new april bed and i get to clean some more but then i am seeing Janet Klein just down the street from me so all is good. it is.


  1. agh. i know stress.

    check out this book...

    it's pretty good. and while it won't solve all your stresses. it may help a bit!

  2. Aww, I know how you feel. I'm a list maker too and mostly I find them a comfort but just occasionally they can be an extra kick in the teeth... Keep smiling :D x