Wednesday, July 29, 2009

crazy for camping

it's all natural
pretty pretty tent bed
we're heading out for nine days on the road. all but two of those days will be just the two of us in then car looking for places to pitch our tent. we may or may not find places to bathe. eegads but i hope we find some water to jump into. are we crazy to be hitting the road in august? i mean, i know we're crazy in other ways but camping in the summer? in the heat? us two pale, pale a-go-gos? i am certain we will have a blast, we usually do. we're making a pit stop in Reno to visit my aunt and uncle and if we're lucky and we can coordinate it well i might even get to meet this nifty person and this one.

we leave friday and are still in planning mode as to what we're bringing to eat. we can't bring too many items that need cooling cuz how are we going to manage keeping them cool for so long? so i hit the market yesterday for all sorts of precooked, prepackaged stuff which actually makes my toes curl with all that packaging but we'll have apples and nuts and cheese and i'm baking some gingerbread and muffins so i hope we'll be okay. there's a lot of food out there that would make for excellent camping excursions if only they didn't have a zillion and a half pounds of sodium. what's up with that? anything above 15% (except for 1 can o chili) and i left it on the shelf so i didn't come home with much save for a few rice packs, some quinoa, sardines and taters. we're gonna make some foil packs with taters and dried mushrooms, i'm already anticipating that sort of goodness. anyone have any hints for trips that last longer than the weekend? after i log off here i will be experimenting with powdered milk. exciting no? i wish i picked up more of the boxed milk quarts i found at big lots a few weeks ago. organic shelf happy boxed milk for $1.99. it was borden's brand and it was in a box and why oh why did i only pick up 4 quarts? we have one in the freezer which we will use in the ice chest but once it's open we need to drink it up. hello cereal, here we come.

hope y'all have a most happy august when i get back i get to continue on with the purge. perhaps this trip will unstick me. i hope so. lassen, bristlecone pines & reno, here we come!


  1. Have an awesome time!

  2. I do hope it works out that we can visit!
    What route are you taking?
    We once drove thru the Mohave w/o airconditioning, and camped at Joshua Tree- in July.
    that was CRAZY.

    Have you thought about mixing up a few meals that can be frozen in a ziplock and then can be reheated easily in a sauce pot? that way it stays cool, acts like part of the ice in the ice chest. you also know what goes into it that way.

  3. I hope you have lots of fun! My first husband and I did alot of camping but we liked to try local foods along the way. Be careful!

  4. What would you be using the milk for? I love me some powdered buttermilk. Have been using it with nonfat yogurt and Penzey's ranch spice mix to make a decadent nonfat ranch without scary ingredients. Also works nicely with egg replacer or ground flax seed to make your own pancake or baking mixes that you would only need to add water to. I've also used powdered non-fat milk to make lighter chowders or creamier soups..

  5. oh! i never knew there was powdered buttermilk!we were looking into actually using it on cereal and this idea, thank you!

    as for frozen meals, we got it, they're only good for the first 2 or 3 days.. after that it's canned soup...;)

  6. Have fun!!!

    I'll be up at the bristlecones again next month. This really is starting to get uncanny!

  7. PS- I like Nido!

    I make fake camping "mocha" with it. I don't recall where I got the recipe.

    1/3 cup instant hot cocoa mix

    3/4 cup Nido

    1/2 cup sugar

    1/2 cup instant coffee crystals

    Mix it all up in an old butter tub or something and add a coupla tablespoons to your mug of hot water. It's not really like mocha, more like hot chocolate. Sorta.

  8. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I cannot camp like you do. You should check out my two weeks of "camp."