Monday, July 13, 2009

the week in review: july 6-12

this week has simply been busy with cleaning and chores. not really too much pretty to photograph. this big cleaning purge thing i'm doing is driving me batty. our space may seem tiny but i have magical powers when it comes to cramming stuff into small spaces. i have thrown out so much, donated so much and given away so much and yet it seems the casa is even more full than it was when i began. it's mindboggling and i fear for my sanity. i'm at a breaking point but i won't go into it here, at least right now. afterall, this is the week in review, not the day jek finaly snaps and self implodes in her tiny casa amongst too many metal lunchboxes, pin-up girl books and vintage hankies review. phew! so, like i said, not really much to show for last week. i didn't take too many pics and the day i did the most pretty and fun was the day mr. a-go-go took the camera so here you go, a week of a happy bed, a few good eats and some battery recharging. what is not pictured is me hiding on the couch reading book after book, pretending there is no mess in the casa. some other not pictured hi-lights include:
*spittle bug squashing in the garden
*a pity party and what-do-i-do-with-my-life freak-out
*chatting with potential new neighbors
*phone call after phone call catch up
*my many works in progress for various crafty articles

and, finally...

*mr, a-go-go and i taking refuge from the heat inside a well air conditioned B&N, Ikea and Starbucks where we read books on punk rock, children's books and crafting mags, had hot dogs and lingonberry juice for lunch, and then shared a blended something too sweet while i dumped out the contents of my purse to discover all sorts of odd fun. it was hot yesterday and that's what we did...we hit the starbucks when we found out the photobooth was out of order and we had already ventured out into that icky heat and i had my receipt for a $2 drink. we're nothing if not frugal except you know, when i hit the thrifts for vintage linens or doilies or order keens online or get a bug for some new fabric or i even step into a target. aack!

this week will be more crafting, more cleaning denial and, a fun flickr BBQ if all goes well, a trip to San Diego to visit with good people. Anyone down there wanna meet up?


  1. I still have some old yearbook pages from a long-ago purge you did (got them via Nervousness). One summer we lived in a motel in hot-hot-Houston and we would have DIED without Barnes & Noble and reading for hours over coffee.

  2. Sweep it into the corner for the next 4 weeks and we will shovel through it TOGETHER when I'm back!
    (I can't bear to think of you at the breaking point without me there to bring you iced double-shots and shuttle stuff off to the Goodwill!) Just concentrate on etsy for now! Don't pull anything else out, just deal with what you've already sorted! Despite Nicole's arnings to the contrary, the internet access is swell here AND its 10 degrees coolerthan it is there! COME HERE NOW!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous5:09 PM

    My husband and I moved to our new rental a couple of months ago. It was irritating and painful to go through all our stuff to find so much that I just wanted to throw away. But, I'm a sentimental whore. I keep things like notes scribbled on napkins, old toys, text books, clothes that I may someday wear... stuff, junk. I empathize with your clean up woes completely. My office is still a HUGE mess, with stuff crammed into nooks and crannies.

    Anyhow, you've inspired me to clean up, right after dinner. Have plenty of fun in SD!

  4. I like this photo of you, You have very soulful eyes.