Thursday, July 16, 2009


i'm stuck. plumb stuck, simply stuck. stuck in my head and my body. stuck on the great purge, on where to start next, stuck on what to do now that i have graduated. i'm all twisty tangled in the muck that is my mind. i hear what people are telling me but i'm not listening. do you ever feel that way? i'm not complaining, i'm just pontificating on this stuck in the muck feeling. i feel amped up for new things and want to leapfrog over it all but i know that i need to take it one step at a time, one breath at a moment, one blink of an eye, one dream a day. all i can say is that if i am stuck and no matter how long i am stuck, at least the stuck can look pretty sometimes...i'll be heading down to san diego for a week, so no week in review next week and no more posts for awhile unless i can figure out out to pre-post some pretty for you all. until then, enjoy your weather, hot or cold, get outside and take a deep breath and smile.


  1. Sounds like you need a trip to get you some down time. Take some cool pics. I've always wanted to go there. I'd love seeing it thru your eyes!
    my word down here is rethong. lol

  2. have a nice get-away!

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  3. Hiya Jekkie

    Im stuck also. I feel what you are feeling pretty regularly... im not sure what my next move will be, but being here, doing what im doing feels sticky stuck. Dont worry, we'll pull through... right? I hope you enjoy San Diego and, like Cathy said, take some pics... you've got the special Jek magic lens/point of view that makes everything look just dilly dilly! ;)

    All the Best,


  4. there's picture pressure! i suppose you, mr. paul do not need anymore stuff but i have something pretty nifty for the hospital museum if ya want it....

  5. I have been stuck for the past two weeks. I will be done with my undergrad next week and then will be off to grad school the 13th of August. I have one giant pile of stuck in the much stuff. I totally know the feeling. But it all gets better. Have fun in San Diego!

  6. Anonymous9:12 PM

    You and me both. Thank you for expressing this so well. I'm stuck, too, Jek. I graduated in May and have this awesome degree but still feel like I don't know anything. Rather, I know how much I don't know. I've been an admin assistant for the last decade. All these years, I've told myself, "oh, once I graduate, I'll get a real job and make some real money, yadayadayada..." Well, that time has come and I feel scared to make that leap.

    Again, thanks for sharing this!

  7. me too, Jek.

    Shall we be stuck and sad together? Hee.

    Here's what I think you should do - write a kick-ass creative non-fiction book about your interesting/sad/strange family+upbringing, filling it with your photographs and wonderful brand of humour, mixed with pathos. I would buy it in a heartbeat and I can see it on the NY Times bestseller list now...

  8. The hospitalmuseum is ALWAYS seeking donations of curious artifacts... what do you have? The Mr's donation of hundreds of glass syringes pretty much puts Team A-Go-Go at the top of my preferred donor list!