Sunday, July 26, 2009

sixteen things

that made my mini vacation just dandy...there were many things but these are the top of the top...(row by row across)

*getting to see favorite people
*picnicking in the park
*smiley drooly happy babies
*blow up pools on scorchingly hot days
*otter pops (& the magic mojitos)
*iced coffee...anytime, anywhere
*shaved ice
*artsy kids and their wild imaginations
*water cabs instead of parking
*photobooth fun (even if it was digital)
*shadow play and good grilled cheese
*museum going and playing and picture taking
*lotus blossoms at balboa park
*chalking it up in public spaces
*the pedi-cab home (and the fits & giggles)
*my fearless leader who made it all happen and who, without fail handed me a mug of delicious coffee every morning, made scrumptious rootbeer floats at every opportunity and kept me in happy vacation mode non-stop. without her i would not know the delightful offerings of torchwood, made magic mojitos, or giggled until i couldn't breathe while kicking it in the back of a pedi-cab. i adore you so my face hurts with silly...mwah!

1 comment:

  1. Oh WOW! You totally get extra coolness points in my book for liking Torchwood!